1. tankou:

    my country’s rain usually falls extremely hard but ends within minutes so my body is having a hard time adjusting to japan’s bitch rain (tiny piddlepaddles that last for the whole day)

    update: I am living in a college dorm in japanifornia (follow my OC blog for life anecdotes)

  2. what kind of gross three-star hotel is this


  4. Anonymous said: Gyro Zeppeli


    probably going to stop now, thanks everyone!


  5. Anonymous said: How about Giorno Giovanna?


    come out of hiding if you are comfortable, anons

  6. shompu:

    here goes nothing—full shaded version over here

    (I also do sonic stuff, info here)

    signal boosts would be appreciated!


  7. Anonymous said: jobin?


    hot beetle enthusiast dad (thank you everybody)


  8. soulllmyr said: Foo Fighters


    love, it is like rain


  9. Anonymous said: i just finished vento aureo and i'm very sad so bruno buccellati


    happy bruno for the soul

  10. bigger version