1. azuritereaction:

    Also if anyone really wants to make my birthday/day please check out http://eraoferrors.com/eoe-web-comic/chapter-1-cover/ if you haven’t read my comic before, it’s only 45 pages so far, would take you less than 10-15 minutes to read through, etc.

    This comic pretty much means the world to me, it’s something I’ve worked on for 9+ years now, so when people leave comments about stuff they enjoy in it (or even stuff they don’t enjoy aka critiquing it) it really makes my day.

    Thanks for all the birthday wishes too :)

    All art in it’s by the epic EvilApple513 as always :D

  2. once upon a time in my high school junior year i helped people bloody up a mannequin for a haunted house setup

    it was done with tissues + KFC ketchup and chili sauce packets and to this day i am still unreasonably proud because of that


    (to that one anon who asked for more lewd nui six months ago…hello)


  4. kyoken:

    I really need a new laptop for my school, but i’m really really short on fund. So it shall begin.

    They will be either 6*8in or 6*9in, penciled, inked by me, lightly shaded with markers on your request. it will be mailed to ya through UPS or USPS! it will look like this(i doodled this real quick…

    Tagged #yo
  5. tankou:

    my country’s rain usually falls extremely hard but ends within minutes so my body is having a hard time adjusting to japan’s bitch rain (tiny piddlepaddles that last for the whole day)

    update: I am living in a college dorm in japanifornia (follow my OC blog for life anecdotes)

  6. what kind of gross three-star hotel is this


  8. Anonymous said: Gyro Zeppeli


    probably going to stop now, thanks everyone!


  9. Anonymous said: How about Giorno Giovanna?


    come out of hiding if you are comfortable, anons

  10. shompu:

    here goes nothing—full shaded version over here

    (I also do sonic stuff, info here)

    signal boosts would be appreciated!