1. hello

  2. Yasuho Hirose | JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Jojolion

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  3. m-oshun:

    a continuation

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  4. Big-eyed girl homos for my friend to have a field day on the color job done in a bout of immense frustration

  5. i have returned

    (is warmup of two guys from a nearly unheard of short one-shot BL manga i bought in japan because i really liked it)

  6. poorlydrawnholhorse:

    ~5 hrs of work

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  7. slightly dated wip of my homeslice poison because i’m out of the country without a tablet

  8. here is the full shaded version from the commission post

  9. here goes nothing—full shaded version over here

    (I also do sonic stuff, info here)

  10. kyoken:



    Hey! I gonna take some doodle commissions during july!

    If you’re interested, mail me to hofesfest(at)gmail.com. Payment via Paypal.

    Commissions open!

    y’all better be checkin jaka’s art out!!!!

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